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What does 'Lost Your Pet' aim to do?

  • Lost your pet aims to re-unite lost and found pet owners by database matching and sending registered users matching pet e mails. Our service has provided the successful return of missing pets across five countries.
  • Lost your pet aims to advertise in all veterinary clinics with a small window sticker, if your nearest vet has not got one please e mail us here.


History of Lost Your Pet

  • Lostyourpet.net was founded in 2004 and has successfully continued to bring together owners and their lost pets. Our aim has been to help owners by county and by country to place a "Lost or Found" advertisement in the hope they they will again be reunited with a loved pet. As pet owners ourselves it has been a major benefit to be able to help individuals through our website and thanks to the small charge we make for our service our website is set to continue for a long time to come.


Registering and Searching

  • We continually improve our website and have found that terms like, lost dog, found dog, lost cat, found cat bring people to our site via the major search engines. Whilst there are many types of pet we see a great number of cat and dog owners who have sadly lost their pets and are naturally passionate about finding their loved ones again. Please register with us and we hope you find your lost pet soon.

Lostyourpet.net are committed to helping owners find their missing pets.